Thursday 21 januari new workshop about SADHANA

Thursday  21  januari workshop at Casa Zambra


Lunch- workshop- yoga lesson


What i would love to do most at this time is to tell you everything i know about Sadhana

What is sadhana and what could it mean for you?

1:its a daily discipline of the mind and body to serve the soul, a victory over time and place!

2:its clearing the subconscious of fears

3:gives you willpower, confidence, ability to concentrate,sensitivity

Choosing your personal sadhana!

That can be anything around a physical or mental/emotional issue you want to work on

For something like 11 minutes, 30 minutes , an hour, or more

costs: €30,00 (€12243414_1103053973052912_3165368401490517264_n25 in combination with a full week Yoga on the beach)