About Us


Linda (Ram Nishan Kaur)* loves to guide people to find their joy and true strength in life


Originally from the Netherlands, Linda arrived in Spain in 2011, with her partner Jan Hidde. Her two children had grown-up, and ready to take on life’s adventures by themselves, so it was time for Linda and Jan to settle in their new home in Frigiliana an idyllic white village huddled between the beach and the mountains, in the stunning Southern Spanish region of Andalucia.

And………………………………. de story continues After almost 7  incredable amazing years we decided to go back to live in the Netherlands, closer to the childeren and granson.

from here we organize Retreats, events, workshops & regular clases  in Holland, Spain, Germany and many more beautifull places in Europe.



When i was young i discovered a great joy in dancing ,it made me forget everything that wasn´t so great in my live at that moment !
In the weekends i sneaked out with my best friend to go out and dance dance dance ,without alcohol and drugs the ongoing movements brought me in another state of mind
My first experience of being one with everything and everybody
I felt immerged with love and compassion and a deep knowing that all things were exactly as they where supposed to be to direct me towards a path of more consciousness and light
i started to study and explore the world of yoga and found a lot of recognition and did a hatha yoga teacher training a couple of years after that
for a great part of my live i thought singing was my mission i always had the desire to express something from deep inside and yet years and years later i had to give up this dream This literally felt like dying
Short after that i found kundalini yoga and after my first resistance ,the turbans and stuff..and some research and experiences i knew i found my true path
Kundalini yoga is like a diamond with so many layers and sights to become aware of !
one of these tools is chanting divine mantra´s to raise your frequency …..So singing after all !!!
I know now that our voice is the most powerful instrument on the planet to heal yourself and others and the most powerful tool to connect profoundly to your soul!
don´t take it from me ! come and experience it !

A passion for you

As a passionate teacher/coach Linda will help you to find your inner strength and joy. Her main tool is Kundalini Yoga, a powerful and holistic yoga that suits a wide range of people. It works deeply so you feel both relaxed and energised – full of vitality and physically strengthened.
To experience her yoga you can join her at one of the retreats classes, workshops and events.





*spiritual name:

in kundaliniyoga we can request for a spiritual name that has the purpose to  uplift and inspire us

I am happy to share my name with you

Ram Nishan Kaur which means: a symbol or flag of Gods consciousness in the world

its my deepest wish that we all will find that consciousness inside of us

we see god as the infinite creative energy which is in Everybody and All.

Sat Nam