Kundalini summer retreat 2018

Retreat in St. Peter-Ording Germany

Das Kubatzki Hotel



This Summer we organize a Kundalini yoga retreat  in  Germany at the North-See coast in St. Peter-Ording in the Kubatzki hotel.

August 12-17 2018

We come from sound

“To atain spirituality is to realize that the whole universe is one symphony in wich every individual is one note, his happiness lies in becoming perfectly harmonious with the symphony of the universe” (Hazrat Inayat Khan)

In this 6 day retreat with Kundalini Yoga we use all the possible exercises  wich will work on all levels of your being, the emphasis though will be on the essence of sound (Naad Yoga). Especially on the most healing power in the world your own voice.

Weather you do appreciate your  own voice or not! You are invited to connect explore and get access to that power!

All levels and ages are welcome.

Click here for the schedule


The retreat and hotel reservations and costs need to be booked/payed seperate

You can reserve your spot and get access to your own healing power by sending us a email and we will send you the payment details: info@beachyogalinda.com

The price is €349

for the hotel you contact Das Kubatzki hotel Phone:+49 48637040 mail: info@das-kubatzki.de, and mention Kundalini yoga retreat  healing power of sound.





Hotel room prices

– small single room for a total of 675,00EUR incl. Breakfast & DinnerMono

– big single room for a total of 775,00EUR incl. Breakfast & DinnerStereo

– double room for single use for a total of 900,00EUR incl. Breakfast & DinnerStereo

– double room for 2 people for a total of 1100,00EUR incl. Breakfast & DinnerMaxi

– big double room for 2 people for a total of 1225,00EUR incl. Breakfast & DinnerJunior

– Suite for 2 people for a total of 1475,00EUR incl. Breakfast & Dinner

-Junior Suite for 3 people for a total of 1675,00EUR incl. Breakfast & Dinner


How to get there?

To get to Das Kubatzki Hotel in St Peter-Ording by plane, it is best you fly to Hamburg, for best price look at www.skyscanner.com 

From there it is best to hire a car check out www.cars-scanner.com for the best deals.

And if you want to travel by car google maps will guide you to Das Kubatzki hotel



We are looking forward to see you there.

Sat Nam

Ram Nishan Kaur and Jan Hidde.