What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is not only practical but also very powerful. It balances the glandular system and strengthens the nervous system.

It helps you stay calm, centered and clear during all the challenges of your life. By practicing kundalini yoga you grow.

You feel more vital and energetic. Kundalini yoga is thousands of years old and comes from the North of India.

These techniques were secret for a long time. In 1968 Yogi Bhajan – follower of Sikh beliefs and

master of kundalini yoga and white trantra – came to the West. In 1968 he taught kundalini yoga in public for the first time in history.

And Through his knowledge, wisdom and service he has left us a timeless legacy. A healthy, happy and complete lifestyle

A kundalini yoga class lasts an hour or up to an hour and a half on average it consists of a kriya (a fixed order of postures and

breathing exercises), and relaxation and meditation. Every lesson has a specific theme, the teacher seeks out a kriya and meditation,

appropriate to this theme. The structure of a kundalini yoga is always the same, the content can be different every lesson because there

innumerable kriyas and mediations. Music and chanting(singing) mantras are an important part of kundalini yoga lessons.

Everyone can practice kundalini yoga. By breathing and moving (a little) in the right direction you will already benefit from it.

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