Who am I in this world

Are you in control of your life and especially about Who and How you are?

we work with these top pics:

  • Appearance
  • power
  • Grounding/Earthing


1. We deepen our kundalini yoga and meditation practice

2 . We develop more Out radiation and internal strength

3 . Do we increase our awareness of the clarity and radiance of our soul and body?

4 . To ground that light and those higher frequencies in our body


We end with a nice mantra/prayer:

ARDAS BAEE The Mantra for answered prayers, getting through difficult times and letting go of things.

Before you begin, consider what is currently worrying or preoccupying you

the mantra starts with affirming that is a prayer, then you connect yourself with the higher energies and release it into the universe.

Ardas Bayee

Amar das Guru -Amar das Guru

ardas bayee

Ram das Guru

Ram das Guru

Ram das Guru

Suchee Sahee


This prayer was given to Guru Ram Das.

Guru means that which takes you from the dark to the light

from ignorance/negligence  to the experience of your immeasurable  Being

This Mantra is guaranteed to answer all prayers by Guru Ram Das himself

Sat Nam  Linda and Jan Hidde

ps this is a google translation from the original Dutch text.