A new set for the coming weeks.

Heart openers are the basis for the exercises in this Kriya,

an open heart is the base for a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Our heart, however, has to endure quite a lot during our lives, so that there is a danger that we close it to a greater or lesser extent.

If you linger in this (too long) you will notice that you will attract more of the same kind of experiences until a certain lesson has been learned.

That is why it is wise to adjust your breathing and posture on time through body awareness.

However, it is very important that you feel all the emotions that arise  completely and that you do not run away from them.

Only then can you learn to transform feelings and emotions.

And your empathy and compassion for others and yourself will grow.

The next step in the 7 steps of happiness is

6 Sacrifice – The Power to Sacrifice

The power to sacrifice is when God sits in your heart and presides in your head. You can stand any pain for another person. That sacrifice takes you to HAPPINESS.

I am meditation

Unlimited Energy and Unlimited Freedom
I AM unlimited and free as my Divine Self created me.
I breathe deeply the breath of Life and the freedom of Spirit.
I AM a free spirit, free in body, mind and Soul.
I AM a radiant center of Divine life and I fully express my Divine life energy.
The Love of my Divine Self attracts new ideas, new courage and visible daily supply.
I am lively, alert, awake, cheerful and enthusiastic about life.
I am full of energy passion and enthusiasm.
Spirit leads me to fresh, new opportunities.
Every moment of every day is filled
with unlimited possibilities.
Thank YOU, I AM and SO IT IS


This is a google translate from the original Dutch post