The P-Fruit set

Do you have any fruit in the house for tomorrow morning that starts with a p? or do you have to go to the store or the farmer?
Because in the set we work with this piece of fruit (meditative) and after the set you eat it of course! but then fully energetically charged by your attention and energy.
The 2nd week of this Kriya where you bring a piece of fruit that starts with a P.
You can also expand this and combine it with what you eat for the rest of that day in vegetables and also potatoes that start with a P so that for example you only eat things that start with a p for a whole day.
And so they are the English names, so also potatoes and pineapple and don’t forget pecan nuts or regular peanuts
These are all highly deacidifying products.
And together with the exercises that also give your entire system, but especially your metabolism and nervous system, you feel lighter, fitter and stronger very quickly.
we do exercises that look like a kangero jump and a horse gallop is also in it
But also alternated with deeply relaxing stretching exercises such as a long baby pose.
Really unusual and spicy at first but after a few times you will be amazed at how quickly it gets easier.
So on to a fit and light summer.
Sa Nam

ps this a google translate from the original Dutch post