Third week of the Brain doctor kriya

You communicate not only with words but with your whole body and even more with what you radiate

wonderful our language!

Because it literally says that there is something that radiates from you, which the other can perceive and experience as pleasant or less pleasant, for example.

In this kriya we work with rhythmic arm movements in combination with mantras that we chant.

This is a challenge for your brain to coordinate the different movements and sound.

Very tight and powerful in the first part.

Later in a smoother smooth motion.

Your arms are also always related to your heart energy.

If your two hemispheres work well together, it means on the one hand that your senses work well and can translate information within you.

And on the other hand, that you are able to bring out this translation adequately and balanced

In addition, you are able to receive the wholeness of others with empathy and intuition.

ps this is a google translation from the original Dutch post