We will continue with the same lesson this week with a NineMinMax set from Jan Hidde and a beautiful one

I AM meditation.

The yoga class is about earth and water, stability and firmness and softness and letting it flow.

Then on with the 7 steps to happiness,

we have arrived at step 5 : grace

The I AM meditation works as we often do with saying the words out loud.

I AM refers to our deepest core, Our divine origin and by paying attention to this you enlarge this part of you so that it can take charge.

I AM gratefull for grace ,a sacred gift from the Divine Self.

This grace is Divine Love in action.

Grace is the Love of the Divine Self that lifts me up,

strengthens and encourages daily.

By the Love of my Divine Self,

I live in the eternal grace of the Divine.

The grace of the Divine Self

supports and fulfills me.

The grace of the Divine Self blesses me

all the days of my life.



The NineMInMax set that we are going to do is the stress relief. You can also do all NMM exercises on your chair, without having to change clothes, recharge yourself and let everything slide off of you.