The importance of deep stretches should not be underestimated.
Because what actually happens when stretching or stretching muscles and the tissue around it.
You compress, as it were, a specific area through a special posture and when you return to normal posture, new blood and oxygen flows back.
And that gives a wonderfully relaxed and even liberating feeling.
Because with the pressing you are also detoxing immediately, so detox
And we as yogis know that you can do that in all kinds of ways
With occasional intermittent fasting and juices and water, preferably not all day long, but larger amounts at a time.
I usually do that in the morning about half a liter with added e.g. vit c and bicarbonate a little to make it less acidic, you can still add your own additives to your drink
But the upcoming classes are all about STRETCHING AND STRETCHING

Sat Nam


ps this is a google translate from the original Dutch post