Let your own light shine and be your special contribution to the world. The exercises we will be doing in the coming weeks activate the lower chakras and increase your sensitivity, your ability to sense things. It awakens your creativity, and for women, it helps prevent PMS.

Is your light strong or is your light flickering? In the Aquarian age we are in now, we place all the lights together into a powerful light source. The planet depends on it, it’s a puzzle of all hearts.

our greatest mission, our greatest sorrow and suffering comes from not being able to be creative as a co-creator, not being authentic and not being honest with yourself.

Because if you work on all those points, you also work on the healing of the world. You work on all those points and on your personal relationship with the world

I am at peace with the world. Despite everything that has been and has happened. Through this ongoing research you will come into contact with your own special contribution in this world. You can shine through what wounds are there to heal. The typical sore spot in aquarius is NOT PARTY (group event). This time is about that, I think recognizable. And everyone suffers from this Soul wound to a greater or lesser extent, you don’t have to be an Aquarius for that. Do you also dare to show your true talent? Regardless of the comment or maybe even the chance of being belittled?

Do you dare to make your own contribution and can you separate yourself from the group? Can you see that because of this you make the difference for the whole

Sat Nam


ps this is a google translate from the original Dutch text