Hello dear people

second week of the class

The two sides of the dark are our shadow and the dark.

The shadow is enlarged by the light that shines on it, which you can also translate if a certain dose of consciousness is needed to be able to see your shadow sides at all.

First you have to be able to recognize things and name your dysfunctional patterns, how we often sabotage ourselves. We see our fear, our anger, our frustration and we don’t like that! That is the reason that we often push it away and do not want to investigate it, because only then can you let it go or even better transform it into other forms.

What is the use of the dark?

We experience our first encounter with the dark when we close our eyes it invites you to go deep inside, then stay there and feel what it means to you the formless, the unknown, the nothingness, the non-physical, the infinite letting go of certainties.


The dark where we see it as evil invites us to do good, to want to see and to spread light, to enlighten the lives of ourselves and others.

Letting go of attachments from the physical world and at the same time being fully in it and being able to enjoy it! That is a great lesson.

Sat Nam Linda

ps text is a google translate from Dutch