Conscious breathing gives us:

  • Vitality, extra energy and health
  • A neutral mind and clarity of thought;
  • A sense of relaxation;
  • It purifies our blood;
  • It gives us confidence and a powerful feeling.

With these rewards from nurturing your pranic energy, you can live a more fulfilled and happier life.

Neutralizing the mind is one of our main goals,

while many of us live in fear and anxiety, we can change our way of thinking if we want to achieve true happiness and peace

The prana, the pranic body or breath, is inherently connected with the mind and thus the thoughts we have.

“Thus yogis prolong their life – by practicing 1 breath per minute. If you practice 1 breath per minute you become pavan guru – you become the light and knowledge of the prana, and then you know the Universe and the Universe knows you”

Yogi Bhajan

In this set we position our pelvic floor and the bones in our skull and open our lungs by opening the sternum area and our vertebrae to be able to breathe as unobstructed and completely as possible.

Sat Nam

Jan Hidde and Linda

(ps this is a google translate from the original Dutch post)