In the coming weeks we will do a Kriya   that improves our resistance, but of course it does much more than that: such as increasing our heartiness.

To prevent persistent colds and illness, it is essential to keep digestion and excretion functioning properly. Add to that a strong metabolic balance and you create heartiness. This kriya develops these abilities. It gives physical strength and builds resistance to disease.

Kindness is a quality of being enthusiastic and warm. If you are known for your heartiness, you might introduce yourself with a strong and friendly handshake. Food made with heartiness (love) tastes better is filling and good for you. When you use the noun cordiality to talk about people, it describes their cheerfulness, warmth and strength.

In short, another very beautiful kriya where you make yourself more resilient and increase the love for yourself and your fellow man. Have fun with the lesson(s).

Sat Nam,

Linda and Jan Hidde