I once had a boyfriend who worked in the wallpaper world and tried to explain to me that it was not that easy to produce the perfect wallpaper rolls.

Starting with the conveyor belt that the wallpaper is on, it cannot run too slow or too fast for a fraction of a second.

Then you have the ink that needs to be delivered in the right amount and color

And the mold that determines the pattern is of course attached with the same precision

Maybe I’m forgetting something in this process but in the end it is the intention that the whole is exactly aligned   in Pico

I have never forgotten that expression.


I think of this expression when I feel I’m falling into my purpose and by that I mean I feel everything is right! You know that feeling? That WHAT you do at THAT moment in THAT place is absolutely right

It’s what you love to do that what makes life worth living, your God given talent, anyway you get it

this requires good preparations and conditions.

Life itself teaches us lessons and you can choose all kinds of additional training

patience is a virtue do not go too fast but also not too slow in your process of development.

Try out different molds or jackets throughout your life to experience what suits you and what doesn’t.

Choose your own colors, tastes and styles enjoy it and also learn to let go again and again.

In the end you have more or less chosen the things that suit you best and it is important that you choose something a direction, create a goal, recognize the common thread in your life with regard to the things that make you happy and why.

For me that is if I can guide and stimulate someone’s consciousness process because for me everything in this life can be traced back to healing.

And in all honesty I can share my feeling and vision with that person

where I don’t wonder for a moment what the other parties think about that

whether they still like me and stuff, that is completely absent at those moments.

The days after I am still in PICO or in flow a wonderful feeling.

The set we will be doing in the coming weeks is the set from duality to unity and also gives a boost to your immune system.

And we use some mantras, which you can read below.

Ardas Bhaee

Ardas Bahee

Amar Das Guru

Amar Das Guru

Ardas Bahee

Ram Das Guru

Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru

Sachee Sahee.

This is mantra to answer all prayers.

gobinde munkande

gobinde, mukande, udare, apare

Hariang, kariang, nirname, akame

gobinde, mukande, udare, apare

Hariang, kariang, nirname, akame

This mantra makes the hemispheres of the brain work better together. It increases your concentration and calms you down.

Aad Such

Aad Such

Jugaad Such

Hai Bhai Such

Nanak Hosee Bhai Such

Helps remove blockages or obstacles when you feel stuck.


Have fun with the lesson

Sat Nam,

Linda and Jan Hidde


this is a google translate from the original Dutch post