A new beginning!

everything that isn’t love will disappear

In terms of numbers for this year, we arrive at number 6, which stands for a parent figure. This can be both loving and strict if necessary, soft but also steadfast. The year will be dominated by harmony, connection and cooperation. So we are going to see abuse of power slowly but surely disappear!

Know that you are supported and keep your faith,  this is where we say :The Universe has your back.

The energy of 6 is also connected to the planet Venus, the most peaceful planet known to us and the planet of Love and Beauty.

The 2 stands for connection with the feminine power in you.

The feminine elements and qualities will show up more in our relationships and worldly affairs.

Our yoga class that deals with earth and water, stability and steadfastness and softness and letting it flow fits in seamlessly with this.

Then on with the 7 steps to happiness,

we have arrived at step 4 : divinity

Divinity is when you risk yourself and your life to serve others

And divinity gives you grace

In order to anchor well, we will be doing The  Divine Government  in the coming week to bring more Divinity to the current rulers and also within ourselves to increase our creative power with which we take responsibility for the current reality as well as transform it

This also ties in nicely with our previous focus point (step 4)

Sat Nam

Jan Hidde and Linda

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this is a google translate from the original Dutch post