We actually detox all our lives. We take in food, thoughts, and other forms of energy and process them as best we can. This works well if we don’t take more than we need and that’s where things often go wrong.

We get tired of our overburdened digestive system and also the remnants of old emotions.

Realize that if you eat less you also emotionally hold less unnecessary emotions, we are a holistic whole.

Skip 1 or more meals this week and observe what it does to you.

This set systematically sets the energy in motion so that you remain physically and mentally light and vital.

After the relaxation we do a meditation for deep insight in which you absorb a lot of prana, life force . We stimulate the lungs. Due to the posture, as much prana flows to the left as the right half. This makes it possible to think more clearly and gain more insight into your life.

A very nice meditation when you are worried about something and can’t sleep.

Sat Nam

Linda and Jan Hidde

“In prayers we ask a question.
In meditation we receive the answer.”