Spring has officially started today and is the bringer of new life and light

the future is still very uncertain and the unrest and discontent in the world is great

Given our theme of dark and light, we look at the parallels of nature and ourselves

look around and see the first buds sprouting, you may feel that when the sun is shining you have a little more energy and feel like tackling things

But beneath the surface there is much more invisible yet new life develops in the dark

What wants to unfold in you, to blossom?

Do you dare to feel and nourish your deepest dark hidden parts with attention and simply presence so that something new can emerge from it?

We live in the “BIG SHIFT” that has been predicted in countless predictions and scriptures and you too have chosen to be consciously or less consciously here now and we have the unique opportunity to transform faster and deeper than ever into the transformation of our DNA!

The increased frequency of mother earth herself and the energy around the earth are calling all conscious people to this!

Take more time for yourself in any way, including reflecting on, being alone in nature, recharging, bathing, showering, meditating

to be grateful and to listen to what is whispering in the dark.

Sat Nam Linda

(this a google translate of the original dutch post)