About us

We are Kundalini Yoga Linda.

And we are Ram Nishan Kaur (Linda) and Jan Hidde Landstra.

Kundalini Yoga Linda was created in the south of Spain were we moved from Deventer in 2011 to open a restaurant in the little village called Frigiliana.

After one year Linda started to teach yoga again in the local gym and after a while on the beach in Nerja (Buriana Playa). Here arose “Beach Yoga Linda” where she gave 3 classes a week on the beach.

In the summer of 2017  our lifepath showed us another direction and after 6,5 years of running a successful restaurant and yoga business, in January 2018 we moved to Sambeek (N-Brabant)

Once we were back in the Netherlands it became clear that we wanted to continue with yoga and that’s  when we started Kundalini Yoga Linda

In the middle of 2018 Linda was already teaching again.

And in addition she started working as a mentor for mentally disabled people

Jan Hidde now works in the kitchen of castle De Berckt in Baarlo

In the Netherlands Linda came in contact with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa via Kundalini Yoga Nederland and she started doing the NineMinMax Business yoga training made by Sat Kirtan.

Linda was so enthusiastic about the training that Jan Hidde started the training soon after and both are now certified NineMinMax Business Yoga trainers.

Linda has a background in health care and Jan Hidde has a background in retail, catering, and healthcare.

Kundalini Yoga Linda is a member of the professional association Kundalini Yoga Nederland,  3HO Europa  en bij KRI