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Increasing your Body Awareness week 15

The last week: opening the gates of our hearts The solar plexus or the solar plexus Do you feel the difference in your thinking, your feelings and do you experience more relaxation? Our entire system is so interconnected that every element where you consciously make...

Increasing your Body Awareness week 14

  The solar plexus gate of the heart The solar plexus is a place where you can experience many emotions. Take the emotion of fear, it basically has a protective function that is functional to bring yourself to safety. But when fear lingers in our system, it...

Increasing your Body Awareness week 13

We are going to do a set for the liver, intestines and stomach and also work energetically on opening the gate of the heart, the area of your solar plexus or your solar plexus. This is a place where you can feel many emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, but also...

3th week dark and light

Spring has officially started today and is the bringer of new life and light the future is still very uncertain and the unrest and discontent in the world is great Given our theme of dark and light, we look at the parallels of nature and ourselves look around and see...

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