Business Yoga

NineMinMax® Business Yoga


For our business yoga we joined the NineminMax® organization.

This method is developed in such a way that you do it on a chair can do it with little time and without having to change your clothes with a lot of effect

It suits our mission well to reach as many people as possible with our yoga and with NMM we also reach the people who you would normally not see on a yoga mat.

NineMinMax® is developed by the Dutch Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa by using ancient Kundalini yoga techniques.

NMM works directly on your nervous system and glandular system.

You immediately experience the effect in the form of relaxation, vitality and alertness.

The NineMinMax meditations are complex workouts for your body and mind.

Since the exercises are only 3 minutes each you can give it every thing you got.

In the beginning those 3 minutes will maybe feel like an eternity, but after a while once you get used to it they will be over before you know it.

You will experience then that time and space are very abstract concepts and that will make you be abled to think more broadly,

beyond what you initially see, and that increases your awareness.

That  is why this method works so well in businesses/organizations

What are the effects of Business Yoga?

  • Business Yoga gives you a moment for yourself during your busy working day.
  • Business Yoga teaches you to use your breath so that it can help you support with what you do
  • Business Yoga increases your awareness.
  • Business Yoga shows you your potential.
  • Business Yoga makes you feel relaxed and calm.
  • Business Yoga makes your nerves stronger, so that you can handle more.
  • Business Yoga makes your back flexible, so that you get older healthier.
  • Business Yoga gives you more energy and helps you clear your mind.
  • Business Yoga improves communication with yourself and with others.
  • Business Yoga gives you more insight into situations and ensures that you can respond aptly.


Together with NineMinMax we have set up an amazing organization in the past year,

with great trainers who would love to work within your company.

We are happy to make a tailor-made offer for your company!

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