Kundalini Yoga lessons,workshops & events in Europe

all year around we wil organize Retreats workshops and events we will take you to beautifull spots and accomodations in Spain Germany, Holland and hopefully to many more places in Europe

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Bring your yoga to the mat

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Business Yoga

NineMinMax Business Yoga Program

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Online class

Join us on our online Kundalini yoga class and do it any time you like

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Kundalini Yoga is an ancient form of yoga practiced for centuries but more recently formalised by Yogi Bhajan into a contemporary form of yoga that can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or ability.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga into a cohesive and integrated system using yoga postures, breath, mantras (chanting) and meditation.

What is a Kundalini Yoga Practice like?

The yoga practice itself is a dynamic and powerful experience, but it is adaptable. Linda teaches with awareness to her students and their bodies.

It is an easy practice to step into, and whilst it will challenge your stamina. At the beginning of every lesson Linda will remind you that it is always OK to take a break, or modify a posture.


Find your true potential

Kundalini Yoga is rooted in accessing the flow of energy that is in all of us, our true potential that sits coiled in the base of the spine. However it is incredibly relevant to our daily lives, offering a vast amount of practical information that can be applied to help you navigate the ups and downs of life.

Immediate and long term benefits

Practicing Kundalini Yoga is ideal for people who want both immediate and long-term benefits. It offers an incredible experience of physical motion and relaxation at the time of practice, which then offers the incredible gift of expanded consciousness.